SAP Plant Maintenance

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SAP PM training

Instructor: K.R
Categories: Functional Training
Mode of Training: Class room / online

Features Includes:

  • 40 lectures
  • 40 Hours
  • Job oriented Training with Realtime trainer
  • SAP Cerified Consultant as Trainer
  • Placement Assistance

Course Description

SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM) is a software product that manages all maintenance activities in an organization. Plant Maintenance module consists of key activities to include inspection, notifications, corrective and preventive maintenance, repairs, and other measures to maintain an ideal technical system..

Course Eligibility Criteria

  • Good to have Plant manintenance knowledge or experience but this course can be pursued by any professional with a basic university degree. Basic computer knowledge is enough
SAP Plant Maintenance
    • Introduction to SAP ERP & Advantages
    • ERP Packages
    • Introduction to SAP
    • Functions and Objectives of PM.
    SAP Navigation
    • Login.
    • Sessions
    • SAP Screens
    • Features of SAP Navigations.
    Organization Structure in SAP Plant Maintenance.
    • Maintenance Plant.
    • Planning Plant.
    • Planner Group.
    • Maintenance Work Center.
    • Location.
    • Plant Section.
    SAP PM Master Data Create/Change/Display
    • Functional Location
    • Equipment
    • Work Center
    • General Maintenance Task List
    • Equipment Task List
    • Material Assembly BOM
    • Equipment BOM
    • Measuring Point
    • Measuring Counter
    • Maintenance Strategy
    • Cycle Set
    • Characteristics
    • Classes
    • Tasklist.
    Maintenance Processing
    • Create Maintenance notification (M1)
    • Create Maintenance notification (M2)
    • Create Maintenance notification (M3)
    • Display outstanding/ in process/postponed/Completed Notifications
    • Notification Type Creation
    • Number Ranges for Notification Types
    • Maintenance Notification processing
    • Catalogs.
    • Create Maintenance Order (Direct).
    • Create Break down Maintenance Order wrt Notification
    • Process External services for the order.
    • Creation of Order types.
    • Number Ranges for Order types.
    Preventive Maintenance
    • Create Measuring document for Measuring point.
    • Create Measuring document for Measuring counter.
    • Create single cycle maintenance plan (Time Based- Notification)
    • Create Single cycle maintenance plan (Time Based- Order)
    • Scheduling of Single cycle Maintenance Plan (Time Based)
    • Create single cycle maintenance plan (Counter Based- Notification)
    • Create single cycle maintenance plan (Counter Based- Order)
    • Scheduling of Single Cycle maintenance plan (Counter Based)
    • Create Strategy Maintenance plan (Counter Based- Notification)
    • Create Strategy maintenance plan (Counter Based – Order)
    • Create Multiple Counter Plan (Notification)
    • Create Multiple Counter Plan (Order)
    • Dead Line Monitoring.
    Process Flow diagrams
    • Maintenance Notification Process flow
    • Maintenance Order Process flow
    • Preventive Maintenance Process flow
    • Breakdown Maintenance process flow
    • Calibration of Instruments
    PM Integration with Other modules
    • PM-MM
    • PM-CO
    • PM-QM
    • MM-HR
    General Scenarios
    • LSMW
    • Standard Tables / Reports
    • SAP System Landscape
    • ASAP methodology
    • Implementation Overview
    • Support and Maintenance Process
    • Resolving Tickets
    • Functional Specifications
    Interview Questions
    Resume Preparation

About Instructor

SAP PM Certified Consultant

SAP PM Certified Consultant
10+ years of experience