SAP Material Management

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SAP MM training

Instructor: Vimal
Categories: Functional Training
Mode of Training: Class room / online

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Features Includes:

  • 40 lectures
  • 50 Hours
  • Job oriented SAP Training with Realtime trainer
  • SAP Cerified Consultant as Trainer
  • Placement Assistance

What is SAP Mterial Management

SAP MM (Materials Management) is an important module of SAP ERP system that is used by organizations to manage and track their purchasing and inventory activities. SAP MM provides a comprehensive set of tools to maximize efficiency and profitability of an organization’s supply chain operations. By leveraging the power of SAP MM, organizations can streamline their supply chain processes and improve their bottom line

The following are the key functionalities of SAP MM:

  • Procurement: – This is one of the most important functions of SAP MM. It allows organizations to manage the purchase process from beginning to end, including the creation of purchase orders, tracking of orders, creating invoices, and more. It also provides a centralized repository for vendor information, enabling users to query and manage the vendors from a single location.
  • Inventory Management: – This includes managing the inventory levels, tracking the movement of goods, setting up pricing policies, and creating reports to track the inventory levels. It also provides a centralized repository for item information, enabling users to query and manage the items from a single location.
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP): – SAP MM helps to plan the materials required for production and other activities by taking into account the available resources. It helps to generate accurate forecasts and plans, which can be used to optimize the usage of materials.
  • Vendor Evaluation:- : SAP MM enables organizations to evaluate vendors based on their performance and quality of goods. It also enables organizations to set up contracts and agreements with vendors, ensuring that they are meeting the requirements of the organization.
  • Batch Management: – SAP MM helps to manage the batching of materials, by providing accurate information on the batches and their location. It also helps to track the movement of batches and the associated costs.
  • Stock Transfers: – SAP MM helps to manage the stock transfers between different locations, by providing accurate information on the quantity, quality, and delivery of the materials.
  • Quality Management: – SAP MM helps to manage quality control, by providing information on the quality of materials procured and used. It also helps to generate reports on the quality of materials and take corrective measures where required.
  • Reporting: – SAP MM provides a wide range of standard and customized reports, enabling organizations to analyze their procurement and inventory activities. It also provides an integrated query tool that allows users to create customized reports to meet their specific needs.

TThese are just some of the functionalities of SAP MM. In addition, it also provides a number of additional features, such as integration with other SAP modules, integration with external systems, and more. With these features, organizations can ensure that their procurement and inventory management processes are streamlined and optimized for maximum efficiency.

Course Description for SAP MM Training

Materials management is the training for those professionals and aspirants who intend to grow in procure to pay area of SAP.

The SAP MM module is a crucial aspect of the SAP ERP which deals with purchase of materials, services and deals with management of inventory for different companies. This module ensures that materials are available in proper quantities and there is no shortage for production or trading whatsoever.

The SAP MM course covers vast topics and requires around 50 hours of detailed learning. If you are looking for the best SAP MM training in Hyderabad, Advantex is the answer. People enrolling in the course can learn from industry experts. Read on to know more.

Why Choose Us?

Advantex equipped with expert trainers who have years of expertise in handling crucial procure to pay processes. We are the top SAP training institute in Industry.

Here is why you should take up our training course:

  • Extensive Courses – The courses cover all the essential industrial processes that consultants should be aware of and teach individuals how to implement the same in SAP.
  • Application in Real-Time Project – After teaching individuals about each concept in a detailed manner, trainers will explain how they can apply the concepts in real-time projects.
  • Experience – The people at Advantex are industry experts who have years of experience up in different industries.
  • Integration- Beauty of SAP is its integration with other functions. To succeed in SAP, one should have strong integration knowledge. At Advantex, we focus on not just individual function but also on integration between core functions such as MM-FI, MM-CO, MM-SD, MM-PP & MM-WM.
  • Skill Optimization Solutions – At Advantex, it is not just about training. We also teach aspirants how they can adopt SAP skills quickly.
  • Online and Classroom Courses – We offer online training as well as classroom courses. This feature allows individuals to learn with more flexibility. We also provide plug and play recorded sessions to revise sessions.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Any person who wants to begin career in SAP MM module.
  • Purchase managers, officers and other people who handle similar roles.
  • SAP end-users who wish to learn more about how SAP MM transactions work.
  • Freshers who want to gain more knowledge regarding SAP Functional Modules.

What Will You Learn?

Advantex is one of the best SAP Training institutes in the Industry. Whoever enrols for this course can expect to learn the following:

  • The primary business processes are part and parcel of SAP MM
  • Direct and Indirect purchasing
  • Technical aspects of SAP MM modules such as configurations, developments, programs etc
  • Design and develop business processes
  • Define rule sets for Master Data
  • Pricing and account determination
  • Invoice processing
  • Integration with other modules

Why Should You Enrol for SAP MM Training?

From data analytics to project management, SAP knowledge can prove beneficial across several fields. SAP modules and packages are essential aspects of:

  • ERP and Finance
  • Digital Supply Chain
  • CRM and Customer Experience
  • HR and People Management
  • And so much more

SAP Training allows individuals to venture into projects outside of their particular organizations. They will gain essential insights into the driving factors behind a business. SAP training also opens the door for high-earning potential.

    • Introduction to ERP
    • Introduction to SAP
    • SAP R/3 Architecture
    • ASAP Methodology / Agile Methodolgy
    • Procurement Process
    Basic Settings
    Organizational Structure
    • Company / Company code
    • Plant
    • Storage Location
    • Purchase organization
    • Purchase Group
    • Creation and Assignment of Organizational elements
    Master Data
    • Material Master
      • Material Types
      • Material Group
      • UOM
    • Vendor Master
      • Account Groups
    • Purchasing Info Record
    • Source List
    • Quota Arrangement
    Procurement of Stock and Consumable Material
    • Purchase requisition
    • Request for Quotation
    • Quotations
    • Price Comparison of quotations
    • Purchase Order
    Outline Agreement
    • Contracts (Value & Quantity)
    • Scheduling Agreements
    Pricing Procedure
    Release Strategies
    Message Output Determination
    Inventory Management – Movement Types & stock types
    • Goods Receipts
    • Goods Issue
    • Stock Transfers
    • Transfer Posting
    • Reservations
    • Special Inventory Management Features
    Batch Management
    Optimized Purchasing
    • Automatic PO wrt PR
    • Automatic PO at GR
    Special Processes
    • Consignment
    • Pipeline Process
    • Subcontracting
    • Service Procurement
    • Stock Transport Order (Intra & Inter)
    • Quota Arrangement
    • Blanket Purchase Order
    • Third Party procurement.
    Physical Inventory
    • Physical Inventory Management
    • Cycle Counting
    • Inventory Sampling
    Invoice Verification
    • Basic Invoice Verification
    • Credit Memos
    • Subsequent Debits and Credits
    • Variances and Blocking
    • GR/IR Account Maintenance
    • Automatic Settlements (ERS)
    • MM-FI
    • MM-SD
    • MM-PP
    • MM-WM
    Split Valuation
    External Service Procurement
    Vendor Evaluation

    General Scenarios
    • LSMW
    • Standard Tables / Reports
    • SAP System Landscape
    • ASAP methodology
    • Implementation Overview
    • Support and Maintenance Process
    • Resolving Tickets
    • Functional Specifications
    Interview Questions
    Resume Preparation

About Instructor

SAP MM Certified Consultant

SAP MM Certified Consultant
12+ years of experience