SAP Sales and Distribution

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SAP SD training (ON S/4 HANA)

Instructor: G.K
Categories: Functional Training
Mode of Training: Class room / online

Features Includes:

  • 60 lectures
  • 80 Hours
  • Job oriented Training with Realtime trainer
  • SAP Cerified Consultant as Trainer
  • Placement Assistance

Course Description

The SAP SD module is one of the primary ERP module developed by SAP. SAP service and distribution deals in better management of sales and customer distribution data and processes in organizations. It works closely with other SAP modules towards effective process work. Other modules that SAP SD integrates are financial accounting (FI), controlling (CO), materials management (MM), and production planning (PP) and so on. All these collaborate together and enhance the work process in enterprises.

Course Eligibility Criteria

  • Good to have ................
    UNIT 1: Introduction to SAP
    UNIT 2: Enterprise Structure
    • Definition of Enterprise structure in sales
    • Assignment of Enterprise structure in sales
    UNIT 3: Master Data
    • Customer Master
    • Material Master
    • Customer material info record
    • Condition master
    UNIT 4: Account Groups and Partner Determination
    UNIT 5: Sales Documents and Controls
    • Sales Doc. Structure
    • Working with Sales Documents Item Categories
    • Item categories determination Schedule Line Categories
    • Schedule Line Category Determination
    • Delivery Types
    • Delivery Item Categories
    • Delivery Item Category Determination
    • Billing Documents
    UNIT 6: Pricing -
    • Condition type Controls
    • Condition index
    • Condition Update
    • Condition Supplement
    • Group Condition
    • Group Condition Routine
    • Header Conditions
    • Exclusion Groups
    • Reverse Pricing
    • Working with Real time issues which we face in real time
    • Working with Pricing Routines and Requirements
    UNIT 7: Basic Functions
    • Free goods determination
    • Material determination
    • Listing / Exclusion
    • Item proposal
    • Incompletion Procedures
    • Revenue account determination
    • Output determination
    • Text determination
    • Copy Controls
    UNIT 8: Credit Management
    UNIT 9: Availability check and Transfer of requirements
    UNIT 10: Special sales
    • Cash sales
    • Rush order
    • Free of charge delivery
    • Subsequent free of charge
    • Contracts
    • Quantity contracts
    • Value contract general
    • Value contract material specific
    • Master contracts
    UNIT 11: Business Process
    • Third party sales
    • Intercompany sales
    • Consignment sales
    • IPO (Individual purchase order)
    • Make to Order
    UNIT 12: Rebate processing
    UNIT 13: GST
    UNIT 14: Integration with MM, FI-CO, PP
    UNIT 15: Functional Specification
    UNIT 16: Techno functional concepts (ABAP)
    • Debugging
    • Working with Z reports
    • Working with Script and Smart forms
    • BDC
    • User exits
    • Copy routines
    • Pricing routines

About Instructor

SAP SD Certified Consultant

SAP SD Certified Consultant