SAP Extended Warehouse Management

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SAP EWM training

Instructor: Simha
Categories: Functional Training
Mode of Training: Class room / online

Features Includes:

  • 45 lectures
  • 55 Hours
  • Job oriented Training with Realtime trainer
  • SAP Cerified Consultant as Trainer
  • Placement Assistance

Course Description

The Extended Warehouse Management product is an integrated software platform for flexible, automated support for processing goods movements and for managing inventory in the warehouse. "SAP EWM firms the ability to control warehouse processes and manage movements in the warehouse, mitigate problems and issues with enhanced warehouse efficiency, and transform operations into an adaptive fulfillment supply chain that can share its resources". SAP EWM is similar to SAP WM functionality, but with more flexibility in building objects like Warehouse structure, picking, put away, HU (handling unit), RF, and more. Also, Activity Areas, Work Centers, and Resources are elements incorporated into SAP EWM that are new additions since SAP WM. Like SAP WM, SAP EWM is a part of SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) and supports all the processes within the logistics chain. The integrated functions and business processes within this warehouse management solution provide a high level of process and inventory transparency, a precise planning of warehouse steps, as well as efficient distribution and storage.

As per SAP road map by 2025 SAP WM will no longer be supported and completely replaced by SAP EWM.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management is the latest warehouse management system released by SAP and has been designed to play the leading role in warehouse management software. Within EWM it is possible to map any warehouse structure according to any specific requirements, which in turn increases the speed and efficiency of distribution processes, optimizing internal goods movements and maximizing efficiency and on time response. As the part of SAP EWM training we cover all these concepts with realtime scenarios.

Advantex is one of the best SAP EWM training institute in Hyderabad offers Job oriented training with real-time scenarios by Industry experts.

This is an advanced level EWM training for SAP consultants

Course Eligibility Criteria

  • Good to have experience in any of SAP MM/WM/SD modules
Warehouse management introduction
Warehouse management with SAP
Deployment options for SAP EWM
Basic EWM and advanced EWM
MM Org structure (Receiving process)
SD Org structure (Shipping process)
Warehouse management org structure
S4-EWM communication
Delivery Integration
EWM Warehouse setup
EWM-S4 communication
Storage type, storage section, storage bin
Staging area
Warehouse door
Activity area
Work center
Product master data
Packaging material master data
Responding To A Click
Changing Website Content - Files
warehouse process type
warehouse task
warehouse order
Configure inbound delivery processing
Put away process configuration
Configure outbound delivery processing
Picking process configuration
Customer returns
Vendor returns
Ad Hoc warehouse movement
Posting change
Ad Hoc goods issue
Queue management
Resource management
Customize RF environment
Customize verification profiles
Process execution using RF
Configure physical Inventory areas
Configure physical inventory
Configure cycle count
Physical inventory using RF
Fixed bin picking
Planned Replenishment
Automatic Replenishment
Order based replenishment
Configure exception codes
Execute exceptions
Physical inventory using exceptions
Replenishment using exceptions
Over, Under picking & receiving
Warehouse Monitor
Customize warehouse monitor
Configure HU Print
Configure pick list Print
Automatic action processing
Enhance PPF actions
Intercompany STO process
Intra company STO process
Sub contracting process using EWM
Unload & Putaway
Pick, pack, stage & load
Unload, deconsolidation & put away
Value added services-Inbound
Value added services-Outbound
Layout oriented storage control
Introduction to shipping and receiving
Transportation Units
Yard management
Introduction to wave management
Configure wave management
Wave templates
Wave determination process
Configure WOCR
Determine WOCR
Kit to order-packing
Kit to order-VAS
Kit to stock-VAS
Kit to stock-Production Integration
Reverse kitting
EWM triggered cross docking
Sales order stock
Consignment stock
Project stock
Introduction to production process
Single order staging
Cross order staging
Crate part replenishment
Release order part replenishment
Receiving & put away from production

About Instructor


SAP EWM Certified Consultant
with Expertise in SAP EWM, WM, MM SD