SAP Global Trade Services

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SAP GTS training

Instructor: Shyam
Categories: Functional Training
Mode of Training: online

Features Includes:

  • 30 lectures
  • 45 Hours
  • Job oriented Training with Realtime trainer
  • SAP Cerified Consultant as Trainer
  • Placement Assistance

Course Description

    Introduction to SAP GTS
    • SAP Global Trade Services automates global trade processes and enables to manage large numbers of business partners and high volumes of documents processes and allows users to respond to global business opportunities, help to comply the changing legal regulations. SAP GTS can eliminate manual processes around denied party screening and filing fees with automated export filing to increase productivity, Improves compliance integrated within the transaction. SAP GTS training teaches to manage import & export processes & integrating through Supply Chain.

    PART 1
    • Unit 1:
      Introduction to SAP Global Trade Services Topics - Overview of SAP GTS, Modules Compliance Management, Customs Management, Risk Management, Global Trade Trends & SAP GTS Implementation of GTS with an R/3 Back end system.
    • Unit 2:
      Setting Up Communication in R3 Server Topics- Customs Document type, Customs Item category, Partner Functions, Partner Function Groups, Sanction party List Screening, Embargo Check License Determination Process, Flow Configuration of License Determination, License Determination Strategy Monitoring of License Determination for Customs Documents.

    PART 2
    • Unit 3:
      Customs Management Topics - Product Classification Numbering Schemes Tarrif/Commodity Code Maintenance, Classifying Products, Customs Processing, Post Processing Framework Overview of Customs Processing Service – Electronic Declarations, Overview of Message Determination, Overview of Transit Procedure Service Unit
    • Unit 4:
      Risk Management Topics- Overview of Preference Processing, Rules of Origin Preference Processing in GTS, Preference Processing Overview of Restitution Processing, Restitution Processing in GTS, Configuration of Restitution Processing Business Process in Restitution Processing

Course Eligibility Criteria

  • Good to have knowledge ON SD
  • Introduction to the legal background of the functions in SAP Global Trade Services
  • Overview of technical basics
  • Structural basics (organizational units, master data)
  • Classification (nomenclature of goods, tariffs)
  • Import processes (import control, customs procedures, customs value calculation, communication with authorities)
  • Export processes (export control, customs procedures, communication with authorities)
  • Transit procedure for imports and exports (including communication with authorities, particularly participation in NCTS)
  • Preference determination and managing vendor declarations
  • Sanctioned Party List screening
  • Letters of Credit
  • Intrastat reporting
  • Connecting SAP ECC to SAP GTS
  • Basic mapping settings
  • Definition and use of legal regulations in SAP GTS
  • Configuration of the "Legal Control" service in SAP Compliance Management
  • Configuration of the "Customs Processing" service in SAP Customs Management
  • Configuration of the "Preference Processing" service in SAP Risk Management

About Instructor

SAP GTS Certified Consultant

SAP GTS Certified Consultant
10+ years of experience